ways to work the "no-bangs"

Lace Top


The entire top of the wig is made from lace, allowing the hair to stay out of your face, the part meets the front of the hairline with no differentiation. All around the most natural and comfortable wear!

Lace Front


A natural hairline can be achieved! with the font of your wig lined in lace, for a lighter, less dense and open look around your face. 

Baby Hair


Hair added to the hair line in order to camouflage the hairline  and lift!

Going on a summer vacation?


 If you are traveling and have no room for a shaitel box, use a shoebox!!  Lay your shaitel on its back in the box. Carefully roll the hair in  towards the inside of the net, and pad in and around the shaitel with  socks or other delicates. Then pack the shoebox in your suitcase. When  you arrive shake out your shaitel and your ready to go!    

Great news!!


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